It's PIKABU Time

PIKABU REMOTE is not your ordinary remote desktop solution. It’s a remote desktop solution built from the ground up for avid gamers like you.

With PIKABU REMOTE, gamers can play games running on app players on their mobile devices in real-time without any delay.

Just simply install PIKABU REMOTE with ease and enjoy a rapid, uninterrupted mobile gaming experience.


Play games running on app players anywhere on mobile. All you need is an app player like Nox App Player or LDPlayer.

PC Streamer

Download and install
the PIKABU REMOTEPC streamer
on desktop.

Mobile App

Download and install
from a mobile app store.

Just Login & Play

start gaming!

Key Features

PIKABU REMOTE provides the best gaming experience available.

Try out the various remote desktop features on your mobile device.

Always On

  • Connect to your PC anytime, anywhere and play games on the go.
  • Easily switch from one game screen to another with just a single click.

Mobile Friendly

  • Play games with the mobile interface you are familiar with such as scrolling and tapping.
  • Control actions without disrupting game play with our virtual controller.

Always Ready, Always There

  • Play games on mobile while hiding game screens on the background in your computer.
  • Secretly run games on your computer! Other people can use your computer without even knowing that the games are running

Seamless Usability

  • Screen resolution is adjusted automatically according to the screen size of mobile devices.
  • Cross-compatibility. Supports Windows 10, Windows 7
    (Windows 10, iOS, Android)


Install now and get playing.


Screenshots of game play using PIKABU REMOTE

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